The future(beta).

By Sora
Looking forward and never back. This is the new site. I coded the php and js from the ground up. I know we are missing a lot of content right now, but do not worry, it is not lost. I am in the process of migrating content from the old site structure to my new one. If there seems to be an issue with the site as far as layout or function please post a bug report on our facebook page, but try to be as detailed as possible.

Thank you,

By Sora
I added some new sprites from the PC version of Bastion here. You wont be seeing updates for sprites unless a mod or admin sees fit as content will be uploaded by the user who ripped it.

By Sora
This post was created entirely with functionality built into the site!
Happy Birthday, Game Sprite Archives!

By Hologram
It has been brought to my attention that GSA turns 12 today! I wasn't with the site from the very beginning, but I came aboard shortly afterward. Lot of crazy times, like when we lost our domain name (it used to be When I used to be a spriting MACHINE! PurpleButtNoid's comics. Forum wars with NintendoNation. Site wars with Gif Goodness, Rips R Us, Emugifs, and pretty much every other sprite site out there. I could go on forever. Regardless, after a terribly inactive period in the site's history, we have decided to start working on GSA 5.0. It should be noted that on this day 8 years ago, we rolled out GSA 4.0... and the site hasn't changed much since then, other than content.

We invite you, should you be a Facebook user (and since we don't have a forum anymore) to visit our Facebook page and tell us what you want to see in GSA 5!
A sprite here, and a sprite there

By Hologram
This update is more reminiscent of GSA's "golden days". Typically I wait until I have a good amount to update, but that wasn't how it was back in the day. Sometimes we would only add one or two sprites at a time for an update. At least the site stays active, right?

* Final Fantasy VI Advance *
* Super Mario Land *
* Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 *
* Wario Land 4 *

Incidentally, I also updated the news archive with old updates from March 2002! I think I was suppose to work on the news archive back in 2006. Better late than never?
In the year 200X

By Hologram
That was a few years back, right?


By Hologram
It's not a lot... but it's more than we posted in 2011!

Gargoyle's Quest, Rockman & Forte, Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island
Hologram gained the power of update! +700 points

By Hologram
I've got no excuses, so I won't bother to make one. Instead, gaze into the Lufia & the Fortress of Doom page. I'm trying something new with this page, trying to minimize the amount of CLICKING to get from point A to point B. Also, no more forums. It was a security risk, so we took the forums down. Sorry.

We have a facebook page. Just type in "Game Sprite Archives". You'll find us.
Another Update!

By taarna23
This update, I dedicate to my mom. She's a big Metroid fan, and it's her birthday! Happy Birthday, mom! For that, I give to all you guys, the complete gallery from Metroid: Other M! Enjoy! =)
The Last Metroid is in Captivity... And we have an update.

By taarna23
That's about as far as my creativity goes today, so don't expect much else... Except some other Metroid stuff soon. For now... Some image maps. See you next mission.