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March 2002

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Ate is Great!
Posted by: Nemo March 15, 2002
Attractive...  Like yo' mama's facial hair! :oNew today are a few 8-bit sprites for the Nintendo Entertainment System: Contra and Mega Man 3, both of which are most excellent games.

Speaking of the Mega Man universe, I haven't played a good new Mega Man game since the days of the Super Nintendo. (I have yet to get a PlayStation. ::grumbles::) Good news, though, as Capcom is working on a new twist in the series, Mega Man Zero. Just a little something to look forward to. ^_^

"Boom! Here comes the boom! Ready or not!"
Posted by: Hyper Luigi March 11, 2002
Agustín has done it again! He's hooked you guys up with a bunch of Super Bomberman 5 sprites. Now jump for joy like Bomberman!

Posted by: Nemo March 4, 2002
Check out this amazing new product from Panasonic. I beleive this link should be self-explanitory. Holy cow, dudes. I'm gonna buy a gazillion of these. That's right. A gazillion! Just as soon as I find out what in the world it is.

Living in the Street!
Posted by: Monster March 3, 2002
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Str... wait, wrong song... Well, anyways, during our long period of down time, I've extracted 46 sprites from Super Street Fighter 2. Check those out... right now! Good boy!! ^_^

I'm gonna punch youse teeth out, sucka'.
Posted by: Brak March 3, 2002
Grab yer' boxing gloves, kids! I added a new game to the SNES section. Super Punch Out! There's a hearty amount of non-animated sprites and one animated sprite. But do not worry! I am working on more animated sprites and more sprites from the other 4 boxers not included.

Also, I'll have another update around Monday or Tuesday with a ton of sprites courtesy of Checco.

Posted by: Hologram March 1, 2002
Breath of Fire 3! Finally got my PSX emu workin' again, so it's back to PSX sprites for me (until I lost interest and neander off into some OTHER spriting subject like I always do).

On another note, this marks the first update of the NEW GSA... and by new GSA I mean that we're uh... back up... and we have a forum once again, too! (Yes, our forum IS up).

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